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The Program and Goals Adiwiyata

Adiwiyata program is one of the programs the State Ministry of Environment in order to encourage the creation of knowledge and awareness of the school in an effort to conserve the environment. In this program citizens every school is expected to get involved in school activities toward a healthy environment and avoid the negative impact lingkingan.
In the execution of the State Ministry of Environment in collaboration with stakeholders, menggulirkan Program Adiwiyata this in the hope that schools can invite people.

ADIWIYATA word derived from 2 Sanskrit words "ADI" and "WIYATA". "ADI" has, meaning: big, noble, good, perfect or ideal. WIYATA have any meaning: the place where someone got knowledge, norms and ethics in social berkehidupan. So, ADIWIYATA have any understanding or meaning: A good place and can be ideal where all knowledge, and various norms and ethics that can be the basis for the creation of human welfare and to our lives to the ideals of sustainable development.

Adiwiyata program goal is to create good conditions for schools to become places of learning and penyadaran school, so dikemudian day of school can participate in the responsible efforts of saving the environment and sustainable development.
Main activities Adiwiyata program is to realize that school institutional care and berbudaya environment for primary and secondary schools in Indonesia.

Implementation Program ADIWIYATA began in 2006 with a pilot phase for the schools in the elementary education level, SMP, and SMA / SMK equivalent in Java. Implementation Program Adiwiyata done in stages, namely:

Phase I of 2006: The pilot-school disekolah Java, to search for a model school Adiwiyata received an award from the State Ministry of Environment and Minister of National Education and farewell get directly from the President of the Republic of Indonesia at the time warning Environment Day 2006 at the State Palace.

Phase II in 2007: Elections School Adiwiyata based on the Model School assistant Adiwiyata 2006. School Adiwiyata akan Tropi Adiwiyata receive a warning when the Environment Day, June 2007.

Phase III in 2007: the implementation of the program Adiwiyata the national stage as the above. Sebayak 30 schools will be selected candidate school Adiwiyata Model.

Next phase in 2007, the program Adiwiyata conducted diwilayah Java and some other regions in Indonesia.

Program ADIWIYATA framework, based on the indicator school berbudaya care and the environment, a number of criteria set intended to facilitate the program Adiwiyata implemented so that the criteria should be understood that each of the program. Penjabaran criteria have been developed with the simple and not expected to increase the burden for schools and residents in the program Adiwiyata. Penjabaran Program criteria Adiwiyata made in the form of a framework program, and it is used to pengelompokkan stages Adiwiyata Program.

1. Policy development and conception Peduli School Environment (SPBL)
2. Development of curriculum-based environment.
3. Development activities based on participatory education.
4. Development and management of facilities or support the school.

I explain that here SMPN 1 Kedamean was a school Adiwiyata. There is a green environment and clean, excellent processing sampahnya so that all waste be separated by type. Leaves it in the garbage into compost and how is the first in the leaf dry ditampung shelter and with the grinding machine grinder kekotak ago entered the first given and pembusuk or EM4 used wash water or rice. And waste paper to be processed again with the paper. And the craft is made of plastic waste, if not longer made crafts will be taken to pengepul.

1 Kedamean SMPN in addition to obtaining the award Adiwiyata, in SMPN 1 Kedamean also have a class that already RSBI inaugurated by directorates. RSBI as my students are very proud because there is a multimedia dikelasnya a very complete and sophisticated, for example, computer, LCD, and others. This year SMPN 1 akan Kedamean a 2-class RSBI each 30 students. PSB tests in SMPN 1 Kedamean held on Saturday, 4 April 2009 and results will be announced on 16 April to come. Head of Education Office of Gresik Chusaini Mustas states, using the assessment system score. There are four basic assessment. That is, psychological, academic, English language ability, and academic achievement. Each worth 15, 45, 35, and 5 percent. Psikotes corrected Ubaya University psychology team. Academic testing and the ability bahsa UK team assessed Dispendik Gresik. Meanwhile, the verification team consisting of the academic achievements of the school and Dispendik Gresik.

1 Kedamean SMPN in many of the other schools that mengunjunginya. Because the other schools want to see how to do! Adiwiyata the school. Indeed correct and in fact they are also very happy because the environment green, beautiful, cool, shady, and clean.

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